Student Disciplinary Proceeding

Student Disciplinary ProceedingA student disciplinary proceeding can derail the future of a student at Duke, Carolina or any other university. Student conduct code violations like underage drinking, drug possession, unreasonably loud noise, sexual assault, assault, and hazing, are serious accusations. Don’t face these proceedings alone. Get legal counsel from an attorney who’s experienced in university student disciplinary proceedings. Universities can issue irreversible sanctions, the effects of which you’ll feel long after leaving university.

Some student code violations can result in a loss of student housing, financial aid or scholarships. Future employers can and do review academic disciplinary records. Do not underestimate the lasting affects this can have.

Can an attorney represent a student disciplinary proceeding?

At most universities, you may bring one advisor to the hearing to assist you throughout the case. With a thorough understanding of your testimony, evidence and witnesses, an experienced attorney can help counsel you through this process. Hearing boards or conduct conferences staffed by other student and faculty may sound less intimidating than a courtroom, but the stakes are high. Those standing in judgment typically lack legal training and are looking out for the university. You should have some one looking out for your best interest too.

Disciplinary hearings are triggered by alleged violations student conduct or honor codes. There are complex procedures involved. One misstep can result in disciplinary action. While these charges are completely separate from the judicial system, criminal prosecution often accompanies a university disciplinary action. For this reason, choosing an attorney with experience in both can serve you well.

Thomas, Ferguson & Mullins believes in protecting student rights and is pleased that Emilia Beskind accepts these cases. She is a strong advocate for students finding themselves in need of counsel in student disciplinary proceedings. She received her J.D. from Duke and an L.L.M (Masters of Law) in criminal advocacy from Georgetown. She also has written for the North Carolina Bar Journal and she’s been a contributor to David Ball on Criminal Defense. She also represents individuals charged with serious felonies.

Student Disciplinary Proceeding Attorney

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