expungement attorney durhamDo you need a expungement attorney? In North Carolina, if you are found not guilty of a criminal act or the charges against you are dismissed, you may be eligible to have all records of the charge expunged. It is important to note that if you do not have these records expunged, your criminal record will continue to show that you were charged with crimes, even if you were later found not guilty or the charges were dismissed. Therefore, you may want to consider having all records expunged so that a background check will not reveal that you were even charged.

Expungement of a Criminal Charge

You may be to expunge a criminal charge, for which you were not convicted, but there are limitations. You may not be permitted if:

  • you have a previously expunged record
  • you were previously convicted of a misdemeanor or felony
  • there are criminal charges pending against you, or
  • the offense with which you were charge is a motor vehicle violation.

There are identity theft situations which can result in a criminal charge appearing on your record. These can be petitioned for removal.

Expungement of a Conviction

First time offense related to alcohol and drugs may be expunged. There are unique protocols that must be followed based on your conviction. There may be a waiting period or you may have to take action upon completion of probation. You can learn more about North Carolina’s expungement laws online. Trust us when we say, you’ll need an expungement attorney to help you navigate this process and wipe your record clean.

Recent legislative changes also allow for the expungement of certain types of criminal offenses even if you were convicted (i.e. you were found guilty or plead guilty) of the charges. Contact an expungement attorney at Thomas, Ferguson & Mullins to discuss your particular circumstances and to determine whether you qualify for an expungement.

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