Criminal Defense

criminal defense attorney durhamA person charged with a crime faces the most challenging time of his or her life and needs the help of a compassionate, experienced criminal defense attorney. Whether the charge is a minor traffic violation or a serious felony, the accused person deserves to know he or she will receive thorough, aggressive legal representation.

The Durham, North Carolina law firm of Thomas, Ferguson & Mullins, LLP has built its reputation aggressively fighting tough criminal defense cases to get the best results for the accused in state and federal courts. The attorneys have spent much of their careers successfully defending clients charged with a wide range of crimes, from minor traffic violations and driving while impaired to serious charges of robbery, assault, and homicide.

Whatever the charge, the criminal defense lawyers here are committed to handling every case confidentially, competently and aggressively. This criminal defense law firm knows how to fight for the accused and zealously advocates for them every step of the way.

North Carolina’s Criminal Defense Attorneys with Experience on Their Side – and Yours


Our experienced attorneys can discuss the possible defenses and potential outcomes for your case. More


If you have been charged with a felony offense or are under investigation for a felony offense, it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible. More

Federal Crimes

Federal court is much different than state court and requires specific knowledge and sufficient experience within the federal system. More

Underage Alcohol Offenses

If you are charged with an underage alcohol offense such as possession of alcohol by a minor contact us. More


Criminal records can affect you forever. Let us help you expunge your record. More

Criminal Defense Attorney

Whatever the charge, we are committed to handling your case confidentially, competently and aggressively.

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