Construction Injury

If you or a loved one has suffered a construction injury, do not hesitate to contact Thomas, Ferguson & Mullins today. With almost 100 years combined experience fighting for the rights of our clients, and numerous successes involving serious injury claims and fatalities at construction sites, our law firm is here to help you.

construction injury work comp law durhamEveryone knows that construction sites are dangerous. Because of the risk of serious injury and even death, there are numerous laws and regulations designed by the government and trade industry groups to protect workers and others who are on construction sites from injury and fatal accidents. Despite all these safety rules, regulations and modern equipment, thousands of people are injured each year on North Carolina construction sites.

Whether you or your injured loved one was a construction site worker, pedestrian passing by, or a site visitor, our lawyers have extensive experience representing those seriously injured or fatally wounded at construction sites in North Carolina.

Causes of Construction Injury

Back and head injuries resulting from falls from elevated structures
Trench cave-in
Roof collapses
Wall collapses
Scaffolding accidents
Repetitive Trauma Injuries
Electric Shock
Scarring and burns from fires
Chemical exposure
Wrongful death

Right to Recovery

There are multiple layers of laws and regulations covering construction site duties and responsibilities. You can find many of them on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s website. There are multiple layers of insurance coverages too. When there are serious injuries or death, often more than one area of the law is involved and the victim is entitled to more than recovery from just one source.

It is not uncommon for our firm to recover the workers’ compensation benefits for the client and then get an additional recovery from third parties such as other workers’ or other contractors’ liability insurance carriers who were also partially at fault for causing our client’s injuries and damages. When a construction site worker is injured by a third party (someone other than the worker’s employer), the injured construction site worker may have a claim against that other third party, in addition to their workers’ compensation claim.

Construction Injury Attorney

As your lawyers, let us help you and your loved ones determine whether the construction or industrial accident occurred as a result of others’ negligence, including an employer’s, co-worker’s, or some third party’s negligence.