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business litigation attorney durhamCompanies often face complex disputes with other businesses, government entities, or groups of individuals, which require an experienced business litigation attorney to protect their rights. Our attorneys have experience in countless industries and trades–still every case requires due diligence to be completely knowledgeable of the issue that may arise in connection with their most important business litigation matters. What sets us apart from our peers is not only our depth of trial and arbitration experience, but the personal attention we devote to our clients. A short consultation will serve to demonstrate why other business owners and corporate officers have trusted their important litigation to Thomas, Ferguson & Mullins.

We understand the importance of winning your dispute. Losing may affect your future income potential, as well as all those who who work or report to you. First we will gain an understanding of your business plan and competitive profile. Next we will develop an argument to resolve your dispute and forward your best interest in a timely and cost effective manner.

Thomas, Ferguson & Mullins represents individuals and businesses in all types of business disputes. We vigorously defend and prosecute such cases as:

Contract Disputes
Do Not Compete Agreement
Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices
Large Collection Matters
Fraud Claims
Insurance Claims
Partnership Disagreements
Corporate Litigation

The firm has helped clients resolve complex civil cases involving millions of dollars.
Skilled trial attorneys take the time to understand their clients’ needs, evaluate their options and devise legal strategies to achieve their objectives. The firm is prepared to fight aggressively for its clients through litigation or alternative means such as arbitration or mediation.

In an era marked by business clients publicly complaining about lawyers, Thomas, Ferguson & Mullins prides itself on resolving litigation in a cost-effective, successful manner.

If you are involved in a business dispute, contact our business litigation attorneys to discuss your needs.

Business Litigation Attorney

We understand you've exhausted the opportunity to resolve this yourself. Let us finish your battle.

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